Selasa, 01 Mei 2012

How To Change the LCD Screen

Step 1
This example uses the Dell Inspiron 7500 as the example. This procedure will be similar to all Dell notebooks.
You can click on the thumbnails images to view a larger picture on how to remove your display.

Step 2
Remove the screw cover. This model has 2 that you need to remove.

Step 3
Remove the screw. This model has 2 that you need to remove.

Step 4
Slide fingers between the LCD and the plastic bezel and work the bezel away from the screen starting at the bottom center and going up around to the top center.

Step 5
Remove the screws that are holding the LCD in place.

Step 6
After removing the screws that hold the LCD in place, tilt the LCD forward and remove the data connector plug using your finger nails. Do not pull on the data cable itself. You could damage it.

Step 7
Locate the invertor.

Step 8
Using your finger nails, remove the backlight plug. Do NOT pull on the wires. This could damage the connector.
To install the new LCD screen, just reverse the step by step order that you used to remove it.